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Perfecting the gundogs delivery

March 05, 2019

Perfecting the gundogs delivery

What is the ideal delivery for a gundog, regardless of breed? It has to be where the dog comes in quickly, sits in front of you, then raises there head so that the retrieve can be taken with one hand (Why? When you have a gun under one arm, you will have only one hand free).

How is this perfected? Once your dog is bringing the retrieve right up to your legs, say "Sit" in a kind and gentle tone (If sit has been taught correctly, that is). Rub the front of his chest and under the chin, when he lifts his head, take the object gently from him. Another way is to catch his attention by calling his name, or by clicking fingers or slapping one's chest as he is coming up and sitting willingly; before taking the object from him.

Some dogs will put there head to one side or lower it as though guarding the object, gently direct the head to where you want it to be, rub his chest and praise him before taking the retrieve. It's so important to have this as part of your foundation to training a gundog.

 Sometimes, its easier crouch down yourself and lift the head so that it's resting on your knees, once your dog is happy about then progress to a half crouch, followed by the standing position. By this time, your dog will be coming in happily with the retrieve into your legs.

If your dog runs around the back of you or runs back so fast that he overshoots you, stand with your back to a wall or fence. It's really important that you constantly watch your dogs reaction all the time and adjust your approach accordingly.

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