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20th and 21st July 2019 Simulated Driven Day and Walked-up day -Gundog Training

Jamie Bettinson from Tidy Training will be on hand during teaching about the why's and whats of the driven gundog trial, location near Stourhead, Wiltshire.

The Saturday will start with coffee and a brief overview of the day, we will then give the dogs the opportunity to sit under a simulated drive using clay pigeons with 6-8 guns shooting 2000 clays over 4 drives. 

The dogs sit under 2 drives during the day and will be sent for blind retrieves that have been placed out before. This day is for Novice trial standard dogs, who want to learn and have their foundations built upon.

Sunday, we will spend the day going through various walked-up scenarios like the end of line retrieve, which can be quite difficult to master.But by the end of the day when you hear the words"Behind" we will have you spinning around to mark the retrieve and giving your dog the best opportunity to succeed.

The price includes lunch and training.



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