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    A  RAW meat diet for active working dogs whose lifestyle needs them to go the extra mile, therefore requiring additional energy and mobility support.

    Hilary from Hilton Herbs, has included a combination of pure MSM(vital for healthy connective tissue), Bamboo Extract(a natural and non-animal source of glucosamine-like compounds), plus generous quantities of the herbs Devils Claw, Meadowsweet, Yarrow and Ginger. Helping to support joint 01suppleness, the cardiovascular system, the natural body's natural response to injury and inflammation and optimum mobility whatever activity.

    Our butcher has included some extra fat in the diet to meet the increased energy requirements. 

    Delivery charges
    0-12kg £10
    12kg-200kg Free
    Discounts of 15% available for orders over 100kg
    Ring: 01985 208016