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Puppies and Young Dogs

The Stavordale guide to feeding puppies and young dogs

Every puppy should have the best start in life. A new born puppy has a delicate, sensitive digestive system. The first few weeks will lay down the foundations for later health and wellbeing. From our experience as breeders, we know that mothers on a raw diet will produce plenty of milk and their puppies, once weaned onto a raw diet, will be set up for good long, active, healthy lives.

The early stages and weaning

The first three weeks    

Your puppies just need their mother’s milk.

Weeks three to eight

Weaning should be gradual, starting at the end of week three and finishing in week eight. This assumes that the mother’s milk continues. If she starts to dry up sooner, consult your vet to check for any underlying issues and carefully speed up the process accordingly.

Introduce our mince, mashed up with a fork at three weeks, alongside our goat’s milk powder made into liquid. Try not to get too concerned about what the pups consume. Let them have fun exploring. We find that large flat trays do the job. Don’t leave the food down for longer than 10 minutes.

Week five

They will be ready for a mixture of our range of range of minces with or without vegetables from here on without the goat’s milk being mixed in by the end of week seven.

Week seven

Your pups should be fully weaned.

Week eight

Your pups should be ready to go out into the big wide world, to their new homes, eating our adult range.


Getting the quantities right

You will want to weigh your new puppy regularly. Always start at the higher end of the percentages below and reduce if your puppy puts on too much weight. Any changes to the amounts you give to your puppy should be done over four days. This information will set your puppies up for life:

Eight weeks to four months:       feed 8-10% of their body weight three or four times a day.

Four to six months:                         drop down to two meals a day, feeding 6-8% of their body weight.

Six to eight months:                        4-6% of their body weight

Eight to twelve months:                3-4% of their body weight

12+ months:                                      2-3% of their body weight

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