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Why Feed Stavordale

Traceability and reliability

All our ingredients are:

You can rest assured that a Stavordale diet provides your dog with the perfectly balanced diet. We do not use any additives, chemicals or artificial preservatives. Our fresh frozen dog food is high quality and affordable. You just store it in your freezer and defrost in the fridge, ready to serve.


All our ingredients are suitable for human consumption at the point at which we make our food. We are not allowed to describe our food as ‘suitable for human consumption’ as it is legally classed as pet food, but we guarantee...

... NO fillers

... NO grains

... NO artificial additives or preservatives

... NO high temperature processing

in any of our dog food. This means that we supply high quality Biological Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) for dogs. 

The benefits of a raw diet for dogs

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